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Get Positive Results with Medical Lab Week Appreciation Gifts, Games & Activities

Get Positive Results wit Medical Lab Week Appreciation Gifts, Games & Activities
published: May 1, 2023

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (commonly referred to as Lab Week) is an annual celebration of medical professionals that takes place on April 23-29, 2023. The event is designed to enhance the understanding of clinical laboratory personnel and an opportunity to share gratitude for their contributions. This year’s theme is “Saved by the Lab” with a photo and video contest being held by the American Society for Clinical Pathology to commemorate the event.

If you’re looking for ways to celebrate this year, there are a ton of great Lab Week ideas to raise awareness and show your appreciation. All you need is some Lab Week 2023 merchandise for the healthcare industry and engaging activities to make the event a success. And, guess what? We came up with some ideas to help you start planning!

Custom Printed Lab Week T-Shirts

1. Custom Printed Lab Week T-Shirts

Lab Week shirts give your team something to wear to the festivities. However, you want to make sure you choose shirts – like the Bella + Canvas™ Modern Fit T-Shirt – that are up to the test because of their superior comfort and quality so that your team can sport them around in style.

Branded Tumblers

2. Branded Tumblers

Custom tumblers are effective Medical Laboratory Professionals Week gifts that everyone will enjoy. Whether they need to stay hydrated with water or want to energize with coffee, the 20 oz Sidney Stainless Steel Tumbler is scientifically designed to keep cold and hot liquids at the desired temperature for hours.

Personalized Socks

3. Personalized Socks

Comfort is something your medical staff deserves, and with the Midcalf Jacquard Socks with Bamboo Thread, comfort will be a priority. Give these socks out as Lab Week 2023 gifts to inspire your staff to keep up the hard work.

Embroidered Picnic Blankets

4. Embroidered Picnic Blankets

Encourage your team to leave the lab and get outside for some fun and adventure by gifting them a Twirl Up Picnic Blanket. These Lab Week gift ideas are perfect for outdoor events, travel, sports games and more.

Lab Tech Appreciation Gift Boxes

5. Lab Tech Appreciation Gift Boxes

Why come up with single gift ideas for Lab Week when you can pair multiple gifts together? The Self Care Tea Gift Set comes with several relaxation gifts to help promote self-care for your medical personnel.

Medical Themed Novelty Pens

6. Medical Themed Novelty Pens

A novelty pen is one of the most unique Lab Week gift ideas, especially when you select pens that are industry specific like the Syringe Pen. Designed to look like a medical syringe, this pen stars as Lab Week 2023 merchandise in any healthcare field.

Lunch Coolers with Your Logo

7. Lunch Coolers with Your Logo

Make your team’s lunch break even cooler with a lunch cooler that’s durable enough for everyday use. If you want a cooler that’s professional and reliable for your staff, the Dune Lunch Cooler has all the features you’re looking for, including a side mesh pocket, shoulder strap and front slip pocket. Don’t forget to throw a thoughtful quote on the side to create the perfect Lab Week gifts idea.

Imprinted Water Bottles

8. Imprinted Water Bottles

Water bottles are common Lab Week appreciation gifts, and it’s no surprise because lab pros know how important it is to stay hydrated. However, you’re going to want to make sure you pick a high-quality option like the 20 oz Basecamp® Mesa Tundra Bottle. This water bottle is made with double-wall 18/8 stainless steel to give it long-lasting durability.

Customized Tech Gadgets

9. Customized Tech Gadgets

If your staff works with lab instruments all day, give them some reprieve by gifting them cool tech gadgets. They’re sure to find plenty of enjoyment out of our Bawl 2.0 True Wireless Auto Pair Earbuds and Case. Providing crisp sound when listening to music, podcast or answering phone calls, this Lab Week gift idea is a great way to show your appreciation.

Company ID Badge Reels

10. Company ID Badge Reels

Identification is essential in a lab setting because you don’t want to give unauthorized people access to chemicals, data and other private components of your lab. That means one of the best Lab Week appreciation gifts is a badge holder – like the Quick Draw Badge Holder – since it lets your employees keep their IDs on hand at all times, but snaps back to stay tidy and clean.

Lab Week Decorations

What is a celebration without decorations? For Lab Week, you’ll need to decorate not only the lab department area but also the building entrance, the lobby and even the break room so that non-lab employees or patients are aware of the event. To ensure you have the right Lab Week decorations, you’ll definitely want to pick up event banners, balloons and signs.

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Lab Week Activities & Games

Build the excitement with fun and interactive Lab Week games and activities. You can even keep the festivities going all week by planning different games each day. Reward the winners of the games with cool Lab Week prizes such as a Temblor™ Speaker + Wireless Charger or Fairytale Brownies® Custom Nut-Free Dozen. As you organize Lab Week games and activities this year, try out some of these exciting options:

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Door Decorating Contest

Get your entire team involved in a door decorating contest, where they decorate lab entrances. Once they have their decorations in place, have managers or employees from other departments vote on the best decorations. Reward the winners with some cool Medical Lab Week gifts.

Match the Baby Picture to the Tech

One fun game that employees are sure to get a kick out of is a baby picture guessing game. The way it works is everyone sends in a baby picture then they all try to guess who’s who. The people who get the most correct win Lab Week prizes.

Photo Booth

Keep your Lab Week activities simple by setting up a photo booth. All you need is a selfie frame, a camera and Lab Week shirts for them to wear during the photo session. Employees will be thrilled to jump in and take pictures to commemorate the event. You can even use these pictures to showcase your company culture by posting them on social media.

Guess How Many Are in the Jar

Fill lab glassware with candy or other small items and let your team show off their reasoning skills by guessing how many are inside the glassware. You can even select different types of glassware like beakers, vials and volumetric flasks to make the game more interesting. Then, pick up Medical Lab Week gifts to give to the people who are the closest.


Stick to tradition with your Lab Week ideas by providing food to your staff. You can bring in their favorite food trucks or order catering from a popular restaurant in town for the event. If your budget is tight this year, you can also organize a potluck and have everyone bring in their favorite dishes.

Guess the Close Ups

Make your staff’s deductive reasoning skills part of the game by taking up close pictures of items around the lab and having everyone try to identify the pictures. Don’t make the pictures too obvious to help build tension as your staff struggles to identify each one.

Who’s Writing Is It?

Make your staff’s deductive reasoning skills part of the game by taking up close pictures of items around the lab and having everyone try to identify the pictures. Don’t make the pictures too obvious to help build tension as your staff struggles to identify each one.


A game everyone knows how to play, bingo is a fun way to invigorate your team. Since the game is based on luck, your staff can turn their brains off for a bit and just have fun. Of course, you’ll want to grab some Lab Week promotional items to reward the winners.


No need to run a test to see if trivia’s one of the best Lab Week games because it’s a tried and true way to have fun. Base the game around general knowledge and Lab Week questions and see whose knowledge prevails. For example, you can ask questions about lab safety procedures, instruments, formulas and more.

Scavenger Hunt

Keeping everything in order is common practice at any lab, so why not mix things up by hiding items throughout the building and have your staff try to find them? Obviously, you don’t want to misplace important utensils, but you can spread out Lab Week merchandise. Whoever finds the items gets to keep them!

Lab week is your opportunity to honor your lab professionals for their contributions to the betterment of others. Take the time to celebrate their accomplishments with thoughtful Lab Week promotional items, games and activities. In return, they’ll be invigorated to continue making the world a better place.

Medical Laboratory Professionals Week FAQ

Lab Week 2023 takes place on April 23-29.
Lab Week is an opportunity to show appreciation for laboratory professionals, and draw attention to the contributions they make to medicine.
Lab Week increases awareness and understanding of the role laboratory professionals play in medicine. Its also a time to show appreciation, and for your staff to rejuvenate.
There are a ton of great gift ideas for Lab Week. From pens and notebooks they can use around the lab to relaxation and food gifts to take home, the options are endless.
Lab Week is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate laboratory professionals by playing fun games, catering food, giving gifts, and more.