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17 Corporate Room Drop Ideas – Welcome Gifts
for Conferences & Events

17 Corporate Room Drop Ideas – Welcome Gifts for Conferences & Events
published: March 3, 2023

If you plan corporate events, annual meetings, or trade shows, you know that the details are so important. Elevate your attendees’ overall experience with room drop gifts. When your employees, customers, or other stakeholders check into their hotel, they will appreciate having a little something waiting for them in their room. These tokens can make them feel warm and welcome, excited about your event, and positive about your organization.

Whether you’re running a major conference or even just hosting a few important clients, we have what you need to make your attendees feel special.

The best conference room drop ideas are small, light and unbreakable for easy transport home or immediately usable such as a snack or reusable water bottle. Here are some of our top sellers to get your creative juices going:

The Works Spa Mix

Make your attendees feel extra special with The Works Spa Mix. Add your brand imprint to this self-care kit that includes a jute bag loaded with a Natural Beeswax Lip Balm, our Fab Fresh fabric spray, a bottle of our Quench Hand & Body lotion, a bottle of our famous Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer, and a Wixie candle.

Batch & Bodega Kick Start Gift Box

One of our most popular corporate room drop gift ideas is this Batch & Bodega Kick Start Gift Box. Get your attendees ready and raring to go in the morning with this gift box that includes Atlas Chocolate Cacao Mind + Body Protein Bar, Backporch Coffee Roasters Pour Over Pack, and Early Bird Foods & Co. Farmhand’s Choice Granola. All packaged in a customizable box, this kit inc

Sound Machine

Help your attendees get a good night’s sleep or relax in the evenings during a longer event with a Sound Machine. Sleep machine sounds include rain falling, fire crackling, white noise, and ocean waves. Compact and easy to carry, this customized sound machine encourages relaxation and wellness after any busy day at the conference, at home or in the office.

Sleep In Kit

Looking for hotel room drop ideas? Look no further than our Sleep In Kit. Many people have trouble sleeping in a hotel room, especially on the first night or when traveling across time zones. Help your attendees get a good night's rest with this kit that includes natural beeswax lip balm, a refreshing fabric spray in a relaxing scent, a luxury sleep mask, and noise-reduction earplugs for ultimate slumber.

Travel Slippers in Pouch

Slippers help hotels feel a little more like home. Help your attendees get comfortable with these Travel Slippers in Pouch. Designed with your imprint on the pouch, these custom slippers are perfect room drop gifts.

The MiiR® Commuter Gift Set

If your attendees are coffee lovers, they will appreciate The MiiR® Commuter Gift Set. It includes a MiiR Tumbler that keeps coffee hot and water cold for hours as well as the Classic Jo, which features single origin coffees that are nutty, chocolatey, and smooth. Ethically sourced and award winning, this coffee is perfect for those who are ethically conscious about their purchase. MiiR gives 3 percent of revenue to trackable giving projects.

St. Cloud 50" x 60" Frosted Sherpa Blanket

Room drop gift ideas that help attendees feel warm and cozy are always popular. Our St. Cloud 50" x 60" Frosted Sherpa Blanket is large with dimensions of 50" x 60", easy to clean, and machine washable. Associate your brand with warmth and comfort with this cozy blanket gift.

Linen Wine Gift Bag

Dress up a bottle of wine with our Linen Wine Gift Bag, which makes a perfect room drop gift. It’s a great corporate gift to make attendees feel special, help encourage networking, or offer something that can be taken home to enjoy.

Rest and Relax Set

Unwind after a day of travel with the Rest and Relax Set that includes a candle, lip balm, lotion and gel eye mask. These goodies come packaged in an eco-friendly jute bag featuring your logo or design.

Auden Bamboo Writing Lap Desk

This Auden Bamboo Writing Lap Desk is sure to be appreciated as your attendees may work from their hotel rooms or in common gathering areas before, during and after events where writing surfaces may not be readily available. Capable of holding a 15-inch laptop, this desk also has two built-in docks ideal for holding a tablet or phone that facilitates watching videos or participating in virtual events. Attendees will appreciate its soft cushion bottom and integrated slash pocket.

12 oz Stemless Wine Tumbler & Jelly Belly® Champagne Bubbles

One of our best selling corporate room drop gift ideas is the 12 oz Stemless Wine Tumbler & Jelly Belly® Champagne Bubbles. This custom wine tumbler keeps hot or cold drinks at the perfect temperature and features a spill-proof lid. Packaged with Jelly Belly Champagne Bubbles, this gift is always a favorite to receive.

Batch & Bodega Hello, There Gift Box

Room drop gift ideas that include snacks can be appreciated after a long day of travel. Our Batch & Bodega Hello, There Gift Box contains a Libretto journal, original pretzels, coffee chocolate nuts, classic rice crispy treat, and poppy mix popcorn snack bag. Keep your attendees energized for your event.

IIiana Peshtemal Beach Towel

If your event is being held at a beach resort, consider this IIiana Peshtemal Beach Towel as a themed room drop gift. This towel can be branded with an event logo or event sponsors as a memento. The towel is lightweight, packable and can double as a cozy beach cover up.

Tenfour 10400 mAh Powerbank

Keeping devices charged during an event or conference can be a challenge. That’s why this Tenfour 10400 mAh Powerbank is one of our most popular room drop gift ideas. Not only will this branded tech gift keep devices charged with multiple ports, but it also comes with a full color printing option to make your event logo pop.

20 oz Tumbler & Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookie Box

Help your attendees stay hydrated throughout the conference and energized after a long trip with our 20 oz Tumbler & Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookie Box. Our popular 20 oz. Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Custom Tumbler keeps beverages hot or cold for hours and eliminates condensation and comes with three individually wrapped, fresh baked, Gourmet Chocolate Chunk Cookies.

English Toffee Box

Treat your attendees with this English Toffee Box upon arrival. This branded, navy gift box makes the perfect container for 12 pieces of delicious chocolates. A favorite hotel room drop idea for many attendees.

Tebella Gift Set

Help your attendees relax after a long trip with the Tebella Gift Set. It includes a 12 oz Concord Mug and 2 oz Orange Blossom TeBella Bag. Simply, affordable, and thoughtful, this room drop gift will be appreciated by all.

Room Drop FAQ

Room drop gifts can start off your event on the right foot. After a long day of travel, attendees will appreciate the thoughtfulness that’s behind a room drop gift. It can reinforce your brand and create a positive atmosphere for the entire conference or meeting.
Every organization will have a different budget for room drop gifts. Those who are hosting hundreds or thousands of attendees may want to select an affordable option while companies hosting just a few important customers may opt for a more expensive luxury gift idea.
Companies can give room drop gifts to anyone coming in for their event, conference, or meeting. This may include employees, customers, speakers, shareholders, or other important stakeholders. The main idea is to make your attendees feel warm and welcome upon their arrival.
The best room drop gifts are small, light, and unbreakable if they are to be taken home. Consumable gifts like snack boxes or immediately usable items such as branded water bottles are also excellent room drop gift ideas for a conference or event.
Most hotels will be happy to help you distribute your room drop gifts. Often, the organizer will work with the hotel to designate a block of rooms. Ship gifts directly to the hotel and ask your contact to place them in attendees’ rooms on the day of their check-in.