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Top 14 Trade Show Booth Games &
Custom Outdoor Games for Corporate Events

Top 14 Trade Show Booth Games &Custom Outdoor Games for Corporate Events
published: July 21, 2022

Trade shows are all about connecting with potential customers and clients, as attendees flock in to check out cool products. With every booth trying to draw attention, it's important to find unique ways to get people to stay around longer to give you time to deliver your message. That's where interactive games for trade show booths come in.

By using trade show booth games to attract customers, you can encourage crowds to gather to hear more about your product. Additionally, games are shown to help create an emotional connection and increase information retention. That means they're more likely to remember what you have to say.

Consider the benefits of outdoor games for work events as well. Custom backyard games and branded lawn games make great party accessories for corporate events and giveaways for employees and clients. From company picnics to summer parties, wholesale outdoor games bring everyone together for a team-building experience that's hard to replicate.

Here are some of our favorite trade show games and custom yard games to help your business connect with customers and build stronger bonds with employees.

 Giant Tumbling Tower Game

1. Giant Tumbling Tower Game

Looking for fun games for trade show booths that will have everyone excited to hear about your products? Raise the stakes with Giant Tumble Tower Games. These oversized trade show games with logo are guaranteed to draw attention as the anticipation builds with each block pulled out.

 Custom Cornhole Boards with Logo

2. Custom Cornhole Boards with Logo

One of the top custom lawn games for tailgating events, Regulation Size Cornhole Sets are a go-to item for colleges and professional sports teams. Featuring sturdy wood construction boards and heavy-duty bean bags, these personalized lawn games are a winner for your brand when you imprint your full-color decoration on the wood. They're also the perfect way to bring even more fun to weddings and family reunions.

 Custom Cornhole Boards with Logo

3. Giant Checkers Set

As the saying goes, you should play chess while everyone else plays checkers. With the Giant Checkers Game Set, your brand will be steps ahead of the competition as potential customers and clients flock to your booth to check out your products while playing these interactive trade show booth games.

 Giant Dominoes Set

4. Giant Dominoes Set

Let the dominoes fall in your direction by using trade show booth games as an ice breaker to start a conversation with attendees. The Giant Dominoes Game Set creates an engaging experience that everyone wants to talk about. Once the game's over, pack it up in the black fabric carrying case for your next event.

 Personalized Ring Toss Game

5. Personalized Ring Toss Game

A company barbecue is a perfect time to bond with employees, and custom yard games – like the Wooden Ring Toss Game – will have them challenging you to a friendly competition. Use these outdoor games for corporate events as an opportunity to talk about their interests outside of work. That way you can build a stronger connection and even get ideas for gifts during the holidays.

Custom Prize Wheel

6. Custom Prize Wheel

Who doesn't love winning a prize? Fans of your brand sure will. The Winning Spin Prize Wheel gives you the chance to create a memorable experience for employees, customers, and clients. Offer promotional giveaways like t-shirts and tumblers customized with your logo to the winners to ensure your brand makes it home with them. You may want to give everyone who visits your booth a lower cost giveaway, but stock a few higher end gifts for prize wheel winners. The draw of the top prize will draw lines around your display.

Custom Pickleball Paddles Set

7. Custom Pickleball Paddles Set

Send employees, customers and clients home with personalized lawn games that make excellent corporate gifts to encourage an active lifestyle. The Pickleball Set comes with everything needed to get a game going with friends and family on the weekends, and your company gets to be part of that experience. Purchase these wholesale outdoor games in bulk to ensure the promotion goes further. Or, offer these sets as an option in your online employee store that staff can choose to spend their reward and recognition points on.

Golf Chip Cornhole Game

8. Golf Chip Cornhole Game

One of many enjoyable outdoor games for work events, executives and high-end clients will love the Portable Pop-Up Chip Golf Game. These custom lawn games also have enough appeal to get customers headed your way during trade shows. Use these wholesale yard games as giveaways to make sure your brand is the reason they get to enjoy the outdoors.

Custom Basketball Hoop

9. Custom Basketball Hoop

Customers will be lined up around the corner ready to see what your brand has to offer with interactive trade show booth games like basketball. Challenge trade show attendees to hit a shot and win a prize, or have fun with employees during a company barbecue where you can organize teams for a quick game. With these Basketball Hoops, there are plenty of opportunities to create a positive interaction.

Giant Wooden Yard Dice

10. Giant Wooden Yard Dice

Luck will be in your favor when you organize outdoor games for corporate events with Oversized Wooden Lawn Dice. The set includes six large dice made of solid pine wood and comes in a zippered bag with a carry handle. If you're not sure what game to play, printed how-to-play instructions are included.

Sand Free Game Beach Blanket

11. Sand Free Game Beach Blanket

Add some fun to your employees' next vacation with branded outdoor games like the Sand Free Game Beach Blanket that's great for adults and kids alike. An excellent summer giveaway, these blankets are preprinted with tic-tac-toe and target games. The included sandbags make playing simple, and the set comes with stakes to keep the blanket secure.

Wall Mounted Ring Swing Game

12. Wall Mounted Ring Swing Game

Whether you're looking for challenging trade show games with logo or want to add some fun to a corporate party with custom outdoor games, the Wall Mounted Hook and Ring Toss Game delivers an engaging experience for all to enjoy. You can also place these games inside your office to give employees a chance to get away from their desks during their breaks.

Custom Dart Board

13. Custom Dart Board

Bring a classic bar game to your next trade show and watch as your booth becomes a bullseye for attendees. Featuring a two-sided dartboard and six darts, Personalized Dart Boards also make great branded lawn games that encourage employees to interact during corporate parties. Winners will be bragging for months that they are always on target.

Party Pong Set

14. Party Pong Set

No tailgating experience is complete without a Party Cup Set. Offering a ton of fun game options to play, these custom outdoor games make your brand part of their pre-game tradition. The best part is that you can choose from an array of color options to ensure these custom backyard games leave the impact you want.

Company event game ideas are just the tip of the iceberg when planning a successful corporate event. We also carry custom party supplies and trade show items to ensure success for your business, including table displays, event tents, giveaways and more. Shop our website for all your event needs.